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19th Apr 2021
to 22nd Nov 2021

Age Range
All ages

Heritage Urban Orienteering

Shandon Heritage Urban Orienteering Route was launched December 2020. It involved a public art competition to illustrate the checkpoints and great community engagement as people hit the streets to sketch what built heritage elements caught their eye. The process of outreach put us in contact with local businesses, community groups and artists. 

The route winds its way through the historic street and requests of the participants to open their eyes to built heritage elements still surviving on the streets and which collectively give a unique identity and character to the area. It was very successful and we have received very positive feedback already. 

We are now ready to engage with the South side and have picked the South Parish as the destination for route #2. We intend to repeat the process however enhance it this time by creating a “story space” to collect stories etc. and to engage more with local creative initiatives (e.g. Cork Printmakers, Backwater Studios etc.)

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