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Hill of Uisneach - Bealtaine Fire

A special time on the Hill of Uisneach is Bealtaine, in the month of May. The lighting of the Bealtaine Fire is celebrated here on the Hill of Uisneach and is one of Ireland’s oldest traditions. In ancient times, a great assembly would gather on the Hill to witness the fire being lit by the High King of Ireland. The Bealtaine Fire is traditionally seen as marking the arrival of Summer in Ireland and a symbol of the re-birth & rejuvenation of the land after the long Winter months.

One of the most enduring legends of Uisneach is that it was the location for the first great fire to be lit in Ireland. To usher in the first dawn of summer in May, the Uisneach hearth burned biggest and brightest of all; visible to over a quarter of Ireland. Hearths were extinguished in every Irish home and fireplace in the country, in anticipation of a new flame from Uisneach’s Bealtaine fire.

 Last year we had 1/4 million people join-in with us across the world, celebrating this important day of Irish heritage and traditions. Again this year on Wednesday 5th May, we will bring our event online to share with the public. We will be live streaming on our social media platforms: Facebook: and Instagram: @uisneach1

The recordings can later be watched back on:

Time of the event will be available on Monday 3rd May on social media.


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