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30th Sep 2021
to 1st Mar 2022

Age Range
All ages

Holy Wells of County Kildare

Brian Cregan will photograph a sample of holy wells in County Kildare.

These diverse and enigmatic sites are symbols of Irish culture, embedded in the natural landscape; communal places used for personal devotion, prayer and healing. The veneration of wells is a widespread and ancient tradition in Ireland with some wells once being important venues of pre-Christian ritual activity. Certain holy wells are associated with early ecclesiastical sites in County Kildare. Many wells are known for their healing powers, which are often attributed to the patron saint, with the water having curative powers and with some having associated pattern days when people visit to undertake prayer and pilgrimage.

In 2021, a survey of holy wells was conducted which collated data on a number of themes. This project seeks to animate these themes though a series of images.

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