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1st Oct 2023
to 30th Apr 2024

Age Range
All ages

'Human Library'

Since 2009 we have established relationships with a range of organisations, groups & institutions in Sligo, the northwest, Ireland & throughout Europe with our participation in the Erasmus+ program.We now plan to build on those relationships with a program of workshops that will be available to all ages & abilities through our Facilitator Program.From local artists, facilitators hosting groups from private businesses to schools & resource centres.This will create access to the arts, develop skills & support our local economy. 

How it works: Attendees, also known as "readers," will be able to borrow "human books" for 30-minute conversations. All human books come with a title and synopsis to help readers select what they would like to "read" (ie. with whom they would like to converse). This is an opportunity to speak with people with different lived experiences and understand what makes them tick. Participant “books” will be invited from as wide a range of elements as possible that’s  available within the wider local community in regard to culture, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, age and lived experience. Depending on response the library may take place over several sessions to facilitate as many participants as possible. Each book will be given support and assistance from our team of local artists / craftsperson’s / technical professionals to create a space in the library (The Nest ) that represents them artistically and culturally.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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