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11th May 2024
to 16th Jun 2024

Age Range
13-15 and/or 16-18

Liffey Valley Shopping Centre

D22 XY52

I am whatever I choose to become.

‘I Am Whatever I Choose to Become’ aims to empower marginalised and vulnerable students from Ballydowd Special Care School in South Dublin County through Hip Hop culture - specifically rap and graffiti art. Building on the success of previous community projects, this initiative will allow students to creatively express their thoughts on self-determination and their futures. Collaborating with NOISE Music and street artist Shane Ha, students will participate in rap workshops and street art sessions, culminating in an exhibition at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre. This project not only provides a platform for students' creative expression but also fosters community engagement, celebrates diversity, and offers unique opportunities for personal growth and empowerment. 

Once the workshops are complete, the work will be exhibited in the community.  Mobile walls will be used for the exhibition building on from last year, the exhibition will also include either recordings of raps, accessed through headphones or exhibited through video or text. Connecting with Liffey Valley Shopping Centre as an exhibition space for the mobile street art walls. Liffey Valley is a retail space in SDCC with an enormous 10 million footfall per annum. 21% of visitors are under 25 years old, so the work can directly reach peers in the wider community, connecting young people who otherwise may not have the opportunity to connect. 

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