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Illustrating Cherrywood - The Ancient History of a New Town

1st Jan 2020
to 31st Dec 2020

Age Range

Cherrywood’s position on the slopes of the Dublin Mountains has made it a strategic location for spiritual and military activity for centuries, as revealed by the findings from extensive archaeological excavation and the remnant ancient tombs, churches, crosses and medieval lanes.

In 2010, the Government designated Cherrywood as a Strategic Development Zone. DLR in their role as the designated Development Agency, drafted and agreed a Planning Scheme including approaches to conserving the heritage of the area, integrating it into the new town’s open spaces and presenting it to new residents. Construction has started and over the next ten years, Cherrywood will grow to a modern new town of 30,000 people. The first class of six junior infants started this year on a temporary school on site.

Two illustrators were commissioned to creatively bring to life the timeline of Cherrywood from ancient times right up to the present, with a peek into the future – a series of historically accurate and visually accessible time lapse illustrations. These took inspiration from the extensive archaeological research and the remaining built and natural heritage touchpoints as well as the story of the planning, architecture and landscape architecture of a brand new town.

This output provides a place-focused creative educational resource for teachers and parents and the illustrations will be the basis for a planned new book and future exhibitions in a new Cherrywood Library.

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