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Immigration Mural by Fintan Magee

Managed by Waterford Walls and funded through Cork City Council’s Placemaking Fund as well as Creative Cork, internationally renowned artist Fintan Magee will create a mural for an iconic wall in Cork City.  The wall fronts onto Grand Parade, and will be installed in September 2019.  With cooperation from the building owner, this new mural will become a must see for street artist fans across Ireland

The Concept by Fintan Magee

The piece is inspired by an article about the wildflowers of cork and about how a lot of the speciesthat are present on the streets of Cork came from other countries on ships. I know that Cork is a famous port city and has been both the exit and entry point for a lot new immigrants travelling out and in from Ireland. For this reason it's a bit of a melting pot culturally (many new immigrants, people with French last names, germanic Viking names etc). I thought that the wildflowers that come from all over theworld and can now be found in cork were an excellent metaphor for these stories. The woman holding the flowers represents the many people who have immigrated into Cork to make Cork their home.

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