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"In Colmcille's Footsteps"

12th Jul 2019
to 25th Oct 2019

Age Range
All ages



It is envisaged that this commemoration and ceremonies will attract many visitors to the county and indeed loads who wish to know more about our illustrious Saint who crosses all religious boundaries. It would be important therefore to have a guide book i that not only details his life story but would also serve as a repository of information for those who wish to visit the sites. This will be a completely updated version of the 1997/'98 book- which sold out two editions. The book will be designed in such a way as to make each reader knowledgeable in the story and independent and confident enough to locate and visit the sites either on their own or in family groups. It will be a book of two halves, the first giving a comprehensive account of the Saint's lifestory while the second part will be a guide to all the sites associated with ColmCille in the Saint's local area of Gartan and surrounding areas. Book has many high quality images, and will also have detailes maps to guide visitors from one site to the next. The book will be launched to coincide with the 1500th commemoration of the Saint's birth of 520/521 which will last for the calendar year Dec 2020-2021.

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