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30th Jun 2020
to 31st Oct 2020

Age Range
All ages

Rua Red

Blessington Rd
D24 KV8N

In the Dark

Ciaran Taylor and White Can Studio explore personal experiences with a view to making In The Dark. Together they create a montage of these stories, crystalised around key moments, and set in an evolving soundscape.

A man who’s lost his sight but doesn’t reveal it, whispers: “I can’t do it, I can’t see the edge of the cliff” we hear the waves below, the wind, the seagulls.... a girl going blind is brought to the doctor by her father, who declares ‘she’s not blind she’s backward’... A man on his knees in soapy water banging a washing machine...frustration at the banal tasks he can’t see to do.... A man having lost his sight at an early age regains it through an operation, only to lose it again... A young woman going blind, dependant on her mother to leave the house, isolated because of the family’s fear..... A middle-aged man’s life turned upside down when he loses his sight suddenly over two weeks, and his boss shows him the door.

We want to play with rhythmic compositions inspired by our experience of everyday sounds (a surround sound chorus of canes), and incorporating music and the rhythm of language, (the phrases that echo in our heads, the internal monologue of step counting and navigating required to get around).

We want to use all these means to entertain, engage emotions, confront fears, and deepen understanding.

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