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20th Jun 2024
to 28th Jun 2024

Age Range
5-8 , 9-12 and/or 13-15

Inch Community Centre

V92 HK31

Inch Talks Trash

Our plan is to host four events over three non-consecutive days revolving around our main attraction in Inch, The Strand. We propose that 30 local Children join us to learn about local flora/fauna and biodiversity around the beach/ the challenges facing it such as waste/trash. 

Along with local Artist Hannah Sayers we will also have someone to talk with the children to explain the project ‘Inch Talks Trash’, where we will search and collect waste on the beach. This will then be taken to the community centre for the second event, where the children will then create art from the waste and shadow boxes with Hannah and members of the community council offering assistance on the day. This will all be for their final big event, an afternoon exhibition in the community centre to see all the works displayed and hand out awards. We also propose to host one evening event for local adults. Dingle based designer will discuss circular fashion, how she works with the environment and teach a workshop where each person will create a t-shirt from recycled materials such as beach towels. We will also have a young local photographer capture each event.

Parents/adults can email if they have questions or if looking for further information 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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