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1st Aug 2023
to 11th Sep 2024

Age Range
All ages

Inniskeen Portraits with Nina Ruminska

The Patrick Kavanagh Centre has invited visual artist Nina Ruminska - currently resident in Inniskeen - to develop a series of portraits depicting individual’s resident of or synonymous with Inniskeen and its surrounding townlands. These portraits will be produced in a number of sittings in the Round Tower Church Inniskeen and Patrick Kavanagh Centre starting the week of 11th Sept. 

Nina Ruminska is an emerging artist originally from Poland.  In her own words Nina’s work depicts ‘…people in neutral, relaxed poses, often in a larger context - an interior that reflects the character, or landscape - to convey a certain mood or feeling.   Rather than idealising the sitters, I try to capture them at their truest. Each painting attempts to express the emotional landscape of being human through composition and colour.’

This project is intended to be a unique document of people and characters from Inniskeen, deepening the relationship with the community and echoing the artistic legacy of Patrick Kavanagh. Participants for this project will be selected through an open call process.  The final works will be completed and prepared for exhibition during the month of September 2024.

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