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1st Oct 2020
to 31st Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

Inscribed Histories at the Rossmore Mausoleum

In 2007, the Conservation Plan for Rossmore Mausoleum was produced. This plan was an instrumental document in securing the improved condition and future for the mausoleum which had been badly vandalised and neglected in the previous years.

Now in 2020, the plan requires updating considering the works already undertaken, those that remain outstanding and to reflect the new responsibility that Monaghan County Council has as caretaker of the site. A focus is the stained-glass window that was present in the apse, which is long vandalised and gone, but thought to depict Lazarus. A project under consideration is the commissioning of a new stained-glass piece to fit into the existing window revetments, using an element of the heritage of the Westenras as an inspiration.

In addition, as the site is not going to be accessible on all days throughout the year, it is desirable to provide some sort of virtual tour to satisfy public interest in the mausoleum and graveyard, whilst respecting it as a solemn burial place. This may include art pieces on the viewing platform to somehow reflect the art, architecture, and the interior of the building and the histories of those buried in the graveyard.

The project will create the basis/parameters of what will be a virtual visit to the site in lieu of it not being made accessible in the same way as the rest of Rossmore Park. 

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