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25th Sep 2020
to 27th Sep 2020

Age Range
All ages


ISL Festival


This year’s festival will be organised virtually.

Two parts:

1. Workshops/webinars/creative programmes on website TBC

2. Celebration of Art in local town, Mural Mannequins, Bottle top

THEME: Ireland’s theme – ‘Is Mise Eire’ which means ‘I am Ireland’

ISL will create a general website for Athy sing & Sign and the website will have a page for access to the ISL Festival 2020

ART MANNEQUINS – 6 colurful Mannequins will be erected around the centre of the town representing inspiring and strong women. Each one with a theme; I’m Irish, I’m a woman, I’m proud, I’m empowered, I’m inspired.

MURAL – Solus will paint a mural of a strong inspiring woman on the wall of Anne Floods Flower Shop, with fingerspelling STRONG

WORKSHOPS/WEBINARS/SHOWS : THE SHOW MUST GO ON – Mama Mia & Grease, aim to put DVD onto You Tube, with the possibility of having an ISL interpreter as a small bubble on bottom of screen, with the possibility of launching the show over the same weekend.

DUBLIN DEAF Theatre Group -  A member of the group organised a pre recorded ‘Message in the bottle’ which will go around Ireland to different counties and landmarks and interesting historical deaf men and women.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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