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1st Apr 2024
to 30th Sep 2024

Age Range

Refill Mill

Austin Friars Street
N91 FH51

Lake County Learnings 2024: Practical Skills for a Resilient future

Creative, fun, hands-on workshops that raise awareness of the climate emergency, and equip participants with relevant and useful skills and knowledge to live more sustainably and healthily.

Lake County Learning is led by Anna Browne from Big Sky Flowers, with collaboration from local collaborators. 

Workshops will explore a range of skills that participants will be able to put into practice immediately, including Gardening for biodiversity, food preservation and preventing food waste, kombucha making, soapmaking, and more. 

Lake County Learnings believes it is important to take action in the face of climate crisis, bringing people together, sharing skills, and building community are all positive practical actions that can help communities to adapt. Participants will be able to make attainable but significant changes in their lives. 

Workshops are open to anyone, so get involved through and the Refill Mill Shop in Mullingar. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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