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8th Jul 2022
to 31st Jul 2022

Age Range
All ages

Town Hall Theatre

Land and Language – Talamh agus Teanga

Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration - expands us, providing space to be and space to breathe. Inner nature needs expansion and space too. Creativity needs space.

The impact of the external landscape on the internal landscape ignites the creative spark. The breath is the intimate invisible connector between nature and inner nature. Air moves from the external landscape into the internal landscape & back out again 25,000 times each day. Studies from Harvard & Stanford show that breathing & emotions are bidirectional. When you change your pattern of breathing you change your emotional state.

  • Land and Language is an audio-visual interactive exhibition by Derval Dunford supporting mental health and environmental awareness
  • The free follow up video of the exhibition experience will be made available to schools nationally, supporting children to embrace their creative potential.
  • The nature of the exhibition makes it suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.
  • It is the first interactive exhibition in the world combining breath, language and visual art
  • The fun focus on Irish words will spark interest in the creativity of our ancient language
  • Derval's personal story of mental health challenges, loss and ultimately creativity will stimulate the creative potential of the audience
  • Exhibition will be on display in Westport Town hall in July 2022.
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