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1st Apr 2022
to 31st Dec 2022

Age Range
All ages

Leitrim A Creative Landscape

Leitrim – A Creative Landscape

Leitrim has a strong reputation as a creative, innovative and environmentally aware county. Filled with characters which all add up to make this place unique. Many of these characters are makers and artists with stories to share. Brian Farrell, a photographer and word smith is capturing this rich creative community within their landscape, with the aim of drawing out how place inspires creativity and creativity enriches a place and the people within it. Brian is engaging with a select group of makers on a series of conversations around the theme while capturing the spirit of these creatives in both their studio and landscape settings across the County of Leitrim. Through their engagement and the interweaving of stories and reflections and images captured, these moments will be drawn out by Brian Farrell’s creative process and mastery of image making and storytelling. This story building project will bring to the surface the important relationship that is ever present between the two.

Leitrim – A Creative Landscape will highlight the often over looked wealth of the county and act a great reminder to embrace this unique creative community and protect the landscape they hold dear. Both enrich our way of life, our way of living and are of each other.

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