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Leitrim Intercultural Drama Project

16th Sep 2019
to 31st Dec 2019

Age Range
13 - 17

 Leitrim International Group is an extremely active group with over 40 members from all over the world including Nigeria, Syria, Kurdistan, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, France, Iraq, Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Chile, Bangledesh, Estonia, Poland and other countries.  There is already a lot of creativity in the group and many members have participated in culture days, writing workshops and bring a lot of creativity from their own cultures.The group now wishes to develop a drama project.  It is an area of interest to many of our members who wish to develop drama skills through a series of workshops with a qualified drama practitioner, Maura Williamson.  Initially we would like to undertake workshops introducing our members to drama, with a view to developing a performance at a later stage.  This will be a very exciting project for our group, allowing our members to develop and express their creativity to performance drama and also express issues that they may have faced in leaving their home countries and it will give them an opportunity to bring their experiences and their stories to life. 

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