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Leitrim Intercultural Music Project

Leitrim Intercultural Music Project aims to bring together people of different cultures living in Leitrim to source, learn, write and arrange several songs from different countries including Ireland. They will be assisted to do so by Local artist Ciaran Rock and Brian Sweeny who have experience of working with a range of groups and people from different cultures. Both artists worked with the group last year, produced a CD, established a singing group – Strange Bird Sing Choir and will continue to provide musical support at local events such as Open Mic , Intercultural Music Festival etc. They look forward to providing an extensive work within a during of 10 weeks in Autumn. Participants will be facilitated in writing and singing songs in different languages, vocal training, and live performances at concert level.

Each song will be arranged accordingly and with each member of the group contributing musical ideas. Also, there will basic vocal warm ups, vocal training sessions and performances.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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