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Leitrim Sculpture Centre Workshops III

LSC Community Workshop programme sets out to develop and nurture community creativity through exposure to skills, expertise, technical resources and collaborative action.

It does this by opening up the cultural infrastructure of the Centre to local communities and by developing with them their interests and capacities in developing new work for public display

The project came about though meetings and discussions with a number of community groups in the town namely the North Leitrim Mens Group, the Mens Shed and the Women's Centre. Their focus for this year is to develop new work that will contribute to the ongoing and very successful Samhain festival organised by and held at the Castle on Monday 28 Oct. 2019

The Samhain theme rejuvenates and mobilises the communities connection to the land encouraging them to explore rural life and folklore through the use of traditional materials such as willow, hemp, fire, straw, paper, colour incorporating other elements such as movement, sound and lighting, whilst the Castle provides an atmospheric and historically accessible backdrop to the creative work of the group.

The social bonds required to work together and create collaborative large scale sculpture for the parade and Castle spectacle is a great boost to community cohesion, individual confidence. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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