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1st Jul 2024
to 31st Dec 2024

Age Range

Various Locations


Let’s Get Social dlr: making creative connections and inspiring inclusivity across the county

Let’s Get Social dlr is an innovative framework that builds on dlr’s health and well being programmes. It seeks to develop programmes that: combat social isolation for older people, migrants and those who are affected adversely by health challenges; and build capacity in the area of arts and health.

Initiatives include: 

  • An extension of the Creative Cafes programme building on the successful partnership with Southside Partnership dlr’s Social Prescribing Team. The Creative Cafes programme supports participants by connecting them socially with others and with dlr’s community and cultural spaces. A new series of bi-monthly alumni Creative Cafes will be developed over the two years. 
  • A continuation of the Creative Brainwaves talks/podcast series that explores how creative arts can improve brain health with contributions from neuroscientists, researchers and creative artists. 
  • The Arts Office will deliver capacity building professional development sessions for artists, creatives, and healthcare professionals with four pilot creative projects in healthcare/community settings. 
  • Two new performing arts clubs will be piloted and led by dlr’s Age Friendly and Social Inclusion and Integration programmes, these will focus on those in active retirement and IPA/migrant communities. 
Let’s Get Social dlr will have a significant impact on the targeted communities, will develop capacity in this specialised field, and will promote health, wellbeing, joy and friendships at all stages of life.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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