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1st Jun 2024

Age Range

Ionad Lachtain,

St. Lachtain's Church,
Arts and Heritage Centre,
R95 XA31

"Lifting the Gate- People, Places and Lives that Matter"

Lifting the Gate at Féile Lachtain 

Step into the heart of Freshford’s vibrant cultural tapestry during Féile Lachtain 2024, where art, history, and heritage converge. Leading the way is the enigmatic Ben MacCaoilte, a poet and spoken word performer whose words resonate in both Irish and English.

Join us for A Bilingual Odyssey as Poetry, story, and music intertwine, weaving a spellbinding journey across time and memory. Imagine the warm embrace of harp strings and fiddle tunes as you approach the metaphorical gate—the threshold to your own well of memories. Here, you’ll find companions from the past, existing now only in the whispers of remembrance. 

As the melodies shift between Irish and English, vulnerability becomes your ally. This immersive event invites you to explore your personal history, to honor the threads that connect us all. Ben MacCaoilte’s poetic tapestry celebrates memory’s power and our deep-rooted ties to place.

From Journals to Stages, Ben’s words have graced the pages of esteemed journals like The Waxed Lemon and Much More Than Words. Now, he takes the stage, offering a storytelling performance that dances between poetry and music. Lifting the Gate is more than an event—it’s an invitation to embrace your own humanity. 

Book your seat for Lifting the Gate and let the memories flow. Booking information will be made available closer to the date @ or email: 

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