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16th May 2023
to 30th Jun 2023

Age Range

Lighting up our Community

New members of Leitrim Association of People with Disabilities are working with Helena Golden  on series of workshops using willow weaving techniques through under the theme of “Light”. 

Participants will learn the techniques involved in the traditional weaving processes along with gaining an understanding of the growth, harvesting and preparation of willow for basketry. Commencing with workshops to enable participants to bond as a group and learn the basics of basketry, the weaving project will culminate with a workshop where each participant will weave “The Willow Lampshade”, the ultimate symbol of “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets ”This program will provide a safe environment to connect and create.

The participants will weave, connect and come to understand that despite our best efforts to create a tight weave in our basketry, there will always be “cracks where the light gets in”. Whether these crack are perceived as flaws, or as beauty is perhaps influenced by the state of mind and this symbolic project will enable us to explore this theme.

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