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1st Jun 2020
to 30th Sep 2020

Age Range
All ages


Limerick's Masonry Castles, Owners Network

Limerick's castles are an iconic element of the landscape. The aim of creating an Owners' Network is to raise awareness of their heritage, address basic maintenance, legislation and general advice. The 2020 project is to hold two seminars for owners to meet specialists and to produce a template guide for best practice.

The castles are a finite resource but are an iconic element of the landscape and quintessentially Limerick as they are constructed from local limestone and usually occupy local high spots. Networks are very good vehicles to galvanise individuals. When motivated by your peers you are much more likely to take action. If the corpus of Limerick castles can be organised into a package with an underlying strategy there may be better success in applying for funding.

There are approximately 102 castles in Limerick. Sixty owners were contacted by letter in November 2019. All who responded were supportive of the Network. To continue the establishment of the Network some events and publicity need to be created. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions a videographer has been hired to film seminars - this has a dual effect in that it educates the network owners about their structure, but it is also something which can be released to the wider public eventually.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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