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1st Sep 2023
to 31st Jan 2024

Age Range

Living in Wellness Programme for Women II

Following on from the success of the 2022 programme in Drogheda, Living in Wellness is being expanded to libraries in Dundalk and Ardee this year.

The practices offered in Living in Wellness workshops help awaken a state of wellbeing in the person. They are tools to provide a solid base for healing many symptoms resulting from stress and trauma and promote a way to live in wellness in the midst of the challenges of life. The workshops, facilitated by Tracey O'Brien, weave together a mix of creative exercises and energy practices that nurture the whole person.

Working alongside local artists, the facilitator will create a safe, relaxed and contained learning and reflective space for all participants. 

About the Practices

Practices taught in the workshops are based on the Capacitar International Program “Trauma Healing and Transformation” developed by Patricia Mathes Cane, PhD. This is an evidence-based program for self care and healing, creativity and empowerment.

Capacitar Wellness practices draw on various energy psychology modalities such as Tai Chi, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness meditation, acupressure, visualisation, finger hold meditation and tapping (EFT and TFT) that enable a person to tap into their body’s intelligence and capacity for healing, growth and creativity.  There will be two facilitators involved; one to work on the wellness aspect, and an art therapy practitioner to encourage the women’s artistic potential.

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