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1st Jan 2023
to 31st Dec 2023

Age Range
5-8 , 9-12 and/or 13-18

Local Arts in Education Programming 2023

In 2023,  the Local Arts in Education Partnership,  led by Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board, in partnership with Monaghan County Council will: 

  • Nurture partnership development with a shared responsibility for the delivery of arts in education practice 
  • Develop Monaghan Education Campus as a hub / centre of excellence for Arts in Education within Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board 
  • Develop and deliver an annual programme that engages children and young people from early years, primary, junior, transition and senior cycle students 
  • Cultivate new partnerships and joint ventures between professional artists, arts organisations, cultural institutes, local authority arts officers and other arts providers but within existing financial supports 
  • Foster ARIS – Arts Rich Schools, by encouraging and recognising schools that place the arts at the centre of the school community 
  • Develop continuing professional development (CPD) to achieve high quality arts in education experiences for all involved 
  • Foster and support creativity and ownership 
  • Ensure effective communication 
  • Enhance learning and evaluation 
  • Support learning, evaluation and monitoring as an integral part of the new LAEP and provide flexible boundaries for change where required. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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