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Macnas Parade incorporating Public Participation Programmes

27th Oct 2019
to 30th Nov 2019

Age Range
All ages

Macnas Workshop

Fisheries Field

Understanding of spectacle arts and the important role that  participation plays in Macnas.  The Macnas year-round Adult Public Engagement Programme allows members of the public accessible and creative opportunities to participate in our large-scale, inclusive spectacle events, promoting cultural activity and creative learning.  Through workshops that include physical activity, games, and Macnas magic and mayhem, children explore our performance and making techniques.  Participants will continue to contribute to future ideas and projects in the company.  Sowing the seeds for developing outdoor arts from a child's perspective.  Following the programme run in the lead-up to the 2019 Halloween Spectacle,  the company intends to make this a year round programme for younger children.  These programmes are aimed at adults and children.

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