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Magnata Music - Bird Mechanic

27th Jul 2024

Age Range
13-15 , 16-18 and/or 18+

Ard Voltas Art Space

Main Street

Magnata Music, in keeping with its core aims of community development of artistic practices and the broad diffusion of contemporary musical techniques, has devised a linked two-part event to be held in Ard Voltas Art Space, Ballisodare, Co. Sligo, in July of 2024; this being a workshop of contemporary music composition and conduction, followed by the performance of a composition for chamber ensemble by Owen Kilfeather, in which the workshop students participate as conductors and musical assistants.  The compositional and conduction techniques are a blend of traditional and graphic notation, cue cards and hands signals, making for a deeply-satisfying and accessible form of community engagement with a long-term outlook which provides local artists with tools to work more effectively with large groups of performers, be they musicians, actors, dancers or visual artists.  Kilfeather studied and developed these innovative techniques in his time in larger metropolitan areas such as Barcelona, Madrid, Dublin and Glasgow, where they are much more frequently-taught, and his desire is to help them support creative endeavours in rural areas throughout Ireland.  Moreover, for many attendees, this would be their first time conducting in front of an audience and is bound to be an invaluable experience for them, experiencing easily demonstrable methods which demystify both contemporary and classical arts and make them accessible to all.

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