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22nd Oct 2021
to 29th May 2022

Age Range
13 - 17

"Making Noise, Our Climate, Our Voice"

"Making Noise, Our Climate, Our Voice" is a project that celebrates young people with special needs and their voices within the public debate around climate change and action. "Making Noise; Our Climate, Our Voice" is a collaboration lead by Visual Centre for Contemporary Arts, Carlow and including St. Lazerian's special School, Carlow, KCAT Arts Centre, Callan, Co. Kilkenny and Run of the Mill Theatre Company, Cellbridge, Co. Kildare.
It will address the following Strategic Priorities for Carlow's Creative Ireland Programme: Connecting People, Ideas and Community: Firstly, through the key partnerships of organisations that have a strong track record of community engagement and education, three of which have expertise in working with young people with disabilities. This project will be able to support a safe and collaborative environment enabling young people to work with a variety of artists. Secondly, this project will also engage audiences from diverse backgrounds who will be brought together for the performative element of the project and will be given insight into what it means to be less able at a time of global climate crisis.
This project will celebrate Carlow and its leadership in supporting creative and culturally significant projects that promote inclusion, wellbeing and sustainability.
Cultivating Young Futures: Empowering young people to think creatively about tackling issues that can negatively affect their future.

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