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8th Nov 2021
to 1st Mar 2022

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Malachi Horan Remembers - Research and Development

Published in 1945, Malachi Horan Remembers is a book of modern folklore written by the eponymous Malachi Horan along with his writing partner George A. Little.

The book was written by a farmer who spent his years atop what once were the fields of Killinarden, and provides a time capsule to Tallaght’s past. In his work he remembers what Tallaght once was and what it still is.

This text has inspired Ryan Croasdell to create something akin to it; a filmic successor. He aims to tell tales of the Tallaght that was and the Tallaght that is, and hopefully highlight that, although the architecture may change, the spirit remains the same.

Ryan will interview local historians and connect with local schools to learn the stories of Tallaght’s present as well as its past. He plans to stalk the archives found in South Dublin Library, in the hope of finding even more gripping stories that can be pulled from.

Once the research is complete, Ryan plans to create a short documentary compiling together many of the interviews he’s conducted over a series of months. This documentary will be shown to the wider county public. He plans to collaborate with local emerging musician Jason Doran.

More details to come.

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