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1st Aug 2020
to 7th Nov 2020

Age Range
All ages

Martin Ryan- Anna's Anchor

Anna’s Anchor’s new full length album “Strands” which is an interactive 11 song full length album set to a walk along the City Centre’s riverbank, fully recorded and created using professional artists all based in Limerick.

Anna’s Anchor is the musical moniker of Limerick musician, Marty Ryan. Marty has been an active musician for more than a decade, writing and releasing music with Going 90 and The Winter Passing. To date, he has released two full length albums with Anna’s Anchor, both of which have been lauded internationally. The proposed project is a new full-length album by Anna’s Anchor.

“Strands” is an ambitious and interactive album of 11 songs set to a walk around Limerick city’s iconic riverfront, telling a story of a young person’s experience growing up in a modern and changing Limerick City. Writing for the album has been completed and the production process will begin in the coming months.

The album is a piece of art set to accompany the listener on a walk around the banks of the Shannon in the city centre. The story starts at Shannon bridge, and brings us up the Northside riverbank, around King John’s Castle and back down the Southside. Each song is timed and set to take in the many historical landmarks on the riverfront. Each of these landmarks frame the canvas of the album’s story; that of a young person growing up in a city whose landscape and perception is constantly changing.

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