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24th Apr 2023
to 1st May 2023

Age Range
All ages

May Day - 3 feeds of Nettle

Celebrate local tradition and customs of Bealthine and May Day with Calli Collective arts group in Balinrobe.

The custom of focus for this year's May Day gathering is providing ‘3 feeds of nettle’ to the local
community and food for thought through talks and discussion in soil health and local foods and climate. Thinking of our community, plants and animals as kin, Calli Collective will take this opportunity to offer protection in health and care through creative and folk celebration.
This project will be intergenerational with youth led creative collaboration with older communities and groups gathering together to celebrate living heritage and cultural diversity. The Mayo Common Cabbage is an important part of the community event and symbol of care for future generations in seed saving and celebration of local agricultural heritage and knowledge .
The Calli Collective event intends to promote and facilitate greater health and well being in our community and empowerment in care -care for ourselves, care for each other and care for our environment.
The project brings together locals to share in Bealthaine customs to promote knowledge exchange and connection -connection to place and between new and existing culturally diverse communities. This May Day celebration will be one of 4 public seasonal events in keeping with the quarter year agricultural calendar.

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