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24th May 2023

Age Range
All ages

Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Maynooth Decarbonising Zone – Public Consultation Event

The event is being organised as part of the public consultation process for the Maynooth Decarbonising Zone. This consultation event has been organised for the general public and those directly located in the DZ. The consultation will take place in Maynooth University and invites were posted to over 6000 homes.

The event will be hosted by Paula O’Rourke, Kildare Climate Action Coordinator and consultants from the RPS Group.

The aim of the event is to engage with the local community to discuss new and innovate ideas which will contribute to the mitigation and adaption of climate change within the area and contribute to national climate action targets. Breakout groups will be formed to discuss/brainstorm any ideas or initiatives the attendees believe could contribute to meeting national targets.

As part of the consultation process a local comedian, Rian Glynn has been chosen to perform some material which is climate change related and Rian will be in attendance for the entirety of the event and will formulate some material at the end of the event based on topics discussed.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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