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3rd Jul 2023
to 29th Sep 2023

Age Range
All ages

Mayo's Islands and People

Mayo boasts some of the world’s most spectacular coastlines and nestled safely in its bays are families who have spent generations, keeping their traditions alive.

Atlantic Productions Ireland proposes to capture and share the story of these families who live proudly on Mayo’s Coast for generations and their social history. Through the families of Clew Bay, Claggan, Achill Beg and Inishbiggle islands, the story will be told of their past, their present and most importantly their future. 

The hour long documentary will include the challenges the islanders face in a changing Ireland and share their traditions and customs of every day life for example their reliance on home produce, agriculture and connectivity to the greater world. The importance of what the future holds for these islands and for generations to come will prove historical valuable in time to come.  

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