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Memory Map

Our community in Rathanna, County Carlow, has, over the years, changed from purely a farming community to now include locals, immigrants, emigrants returning home and blow-ins who opt for a life more in touch with the land. 

‘Memory Map’ will be a series of open get-togethers in the form of story-telling sessions: culminating in a book featuring locally descriptive photographs and texts.   The book will document our environment, recent and living history as well as our local heritage. The open get-togethers serve as a means of reuniting acquaintances, fostering new connections and combating the sense of isolation that can be an issue in rural areas.

We will also create an on-line pod-cast of the ‘Memory Map’ stories, which will be accessible to all on-line: locally, nationally and internationally. Through the use of QR codes displayed at various local sites, visitors to the areas will be able to hear stories told in a local’s voice of the specific location in which they find themselves.

We aim to unite our neighbours and visitors through the act of an art project that represents our community and those who visit and those who live within it.

This project is supported by the Creative Ireland Carlow Open Call 2018/19

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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