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1st Apr 2022
to 5th Nov 2022

Age Range
All ages

Memory of Water

This project commenced as a pilot in 2020 including Community Artists in Residence Orlagh Meegan Gallagher with the Iontas Arts Theatre in Castleblayney, County Monaghan working with St. Mary’s nursing home in Castleblayney. Due to the success of it, we are now moving on Memory of Water 3 working with St. Anne’s Nursing Home in Ballybay, along with workshops in the previous two care homes. In addition, we want to roll out elements of the project to include day care centres across county Monaghan and also work with the local Alzheimer’s Society Ireland group/carers, as well as offering day services, the staff go into people’s homes and work with them individually and they are very keen to be part of the project. This will mean a whole new approach, developing an understanding of daycare settings, and community outreach, working through the staff who work in these centres and in individual’s homes.

We will continue to partner with Iontas Arts, who we have a very close working relationship on many projects and are a great support in the promotion of the project and getting it seen by as many people as possible and for us, it is so important to raise awareness about the creativity and ability of people with seemingly insurmountable cognitive and physical conditions.

A Memory of Water 3 will continue to be an immersive experience for all involved using Visual, Auditory, Oral and Tactile stimulus to trigger reminiscences and create art in a totally immersive way. 

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