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Merry Go Round - A Rehearsing Change project

1st Aug 2019
to 31st Oct 2019

Age Range
All ages

South Tipperary Arts Centre

Nelson St

Forum Theatre is a type of theatre created by Augusto Boal as part of what he calls his 'Theatre of the Oppressed', and created as a forum for teaching people how to change their world. Essentially , this project is about finding practical solutions to everyday problems- rehearsing change. The script of 'Merry go Round' has been developed by theatre facilitator Catherine Mc Vicker with support from Cardboard Citizens Theatre Co London following her workshops in 2018 with 3 local groups. The themes of the piece are isolation, mental health, grieving and managing relationships - the 'merry go round' that the protagonist is on reflects a young persons difficulties in dealing with life's challenges and her problems in finding help for her issues. The project will rehearse and tour the Forum Theatre piece in community and youth settings throughout Tipperary in order to introduce groups ro solution based engagement. In Forum theatre, audiences watch a short engaging play which dramatizes problems and issues that the protagonist faces. Use of humour and physical led style make this an enjoyable experience for the audience although the frustrations of the charater are easily understood. Following a discussion with the Joker (facilitator) the play begins again , but now any member of the audience can shout 'Stop' and replace the protagonist having suggested a different mode of behaviour. The action begins again. Will the solution work towards a different outcome?

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