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2nd Aug 2021
to 2nd Nov 2021

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Michael Davitt Family Tree

The expansion of the Michael Davitt Museum in terms of service provision and visitor awareness has increased rapidly over the past few years. The museum is inundated with queries from those who believe that they, or their family are related in some way to Michael Davitt. The volume of queries has accelerated during the pandemic period and tend to emanate from all corners of the globe.

The museum is currently in possession of a rudimentary family tree. This document is a useful starting point for dealing with genealogical queries. However, the information was assembled during the pre-internet period and this has resulted in the emergence of many ‘gaps’ in the Davitt family story.

The museum plan to create an accurate picture of the various strands of the Davitt family and construct a verifiable family tree.

This will enhance the service provision of the museum and it will identify and no doubt delight many families in Mayo and beyond if they are found to be part of the greater ‘Davitt Family’. It is also an important project in terms of community, history and education.

Unfortunately the museum lacks both the time and the financial resources to carry out this work, while additionally the skillset required is not available within its staff.

This is a very specialised area and the museum plan to utilise a dedicated team of genealogical experts to carry out this critical task.

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