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26th Jul 2024

Age Range

Ionad Lachtain,

St. Lachtain's Church,
Arts and Heritage Centre,

Mick Hanly In Concert, Feile 2024

Feile Lachtain 2024 Presents: Mick Hanly Live! 

Join us for the 5th electrifying event of Feile Lachtain 2024! Brace yourself for an unforgettable evening with the incomparable Mick Hanly, a troubadour who fearlessly bares his soul through song.

His life in Melodies: The Good, the Raw, and the Real  Mick’s lyrics dance on the tightrope of existence—celebrating life’s highs and navigating its shadows. His wit, as sharp as a rapier, punctuates every verse. The lead-off track sets the stage for a musical journey that transcends boundaries.

Get ready to sing along! Mick invites you to join the chorus, to become part of the magic. His compositions blend depth with delight, weaving stories that resonate long after the last note fades.

A Gateway to Mick Hanly’s Soul For those unacquainted with Mick’s musical tapestry of personally written songs.  This event includes a symphony of thought-provoking songs, delivered with finesse by one of Ireland’s finest wordsmiths. Mick’s intensely personal songs are masterfully woven. Listen closely to “I Feel I Should Be Calling You”—a poignant reflection on life’s twists and turns. Its echoes will find a home in your own heart.

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