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1st Jun 2022
to 29th Oct 2022

Age Range
All ages

Mid Kerry Biddies

The Mid Kerry Biddies are traditional groups similar to the Wren Boys, Straw Boys or Mummers. They are active on Saint Brigid’s Day which was once the ancient Irish festival of Imbolc. Unlike all other areas of Ireland the tradition did not die out in Mid Kerry so we created a committee to protect and rejuvenate the Biddy Tradition. Before the Mid Kerry Biddies started there was only two surviving Biddy groups - there is now thirteen. 

The festival itself takes place over the first week in February and Biddy Groups are active in their own townlands of February 1st.

This initiative aims to preserve the Biddy Hat Making tradition and traditional Biddy Skills such as Kerry cross making, Brídeóg making and Brush Dancing.

The initiative specific events for 2022 include:

Lughnasadh - July 30th - candlelight sessions  - Acoustic traditional music by candlelight in various Killorglin pubs.

September 20th - Harvest Meitheal - Grow Your Own Biddy Hat- cutting oats on Foleys farm.

October 1st - Traditional Brigid cross making class - explore different styles of Brigid crosses including our own Kerry Cross.

Mid October- Film short release - Biddy Day hat making tutorials.

Samhain - October 29th - Turnip carving tutorial. Learn how to carve a turnip for your Brídeóg head.

Samhain- October 29th - Candlelight sessions - Acoustic traditional music by candlelight in various Killorglin pubs.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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