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19th Apr 2021
to 31st May 2021

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Modern Day Mummers hit the road again

Dancer Edwina Guckian, singer Fionnuala Maxwell and musician Brian Mostyn visited the homes of elderly or vulnerable people across their communities in Co. Leitrim during both lockdowns in Ireland this year. Dressed in their distinctive straw head-dresses they recreated the mumming tradition that many of these elderly people would have remembered from their own childhoods. They knocked on the doors of cocooners and played tunes, sang, danced and chatted before they moved on to the next house. In turn, the simple act of calling to the house provided a much- appreciated break from the social isolation experienced by many of those visited.

This project had a hugely positive impact on the recipients and inspired people across Ireland to get involved in their own communities. The excitement that this project gained followed with a growing list of elderly people who contacted through their local active age groups to add their names to the list of people to be called to by the mummers.

As a result the Mummers are hitting the roads of Leitrim again during the months of April to May 2021.

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