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1st Jul 2023
to 1st Oct 2023

Age Range
All ages

Molloway House Creative Arts Research Project

We at the Neurology Support Centre believe in a person-centred approach regarding the work we do, and we place a strong emphasis on getting input from our members on what their needs and interests are.
Many of our members can no long work, or even drive, following their diagnoses, and social isolation is an issue that crops up again and again. Our weekly Peer Support Groups are hugely beneficial in giving them the opportunity to talk about what is on their minds, to share stories and information and to know that the people listening understand completely, because they have faced something similar.
While the Peer Support Groups are a vital focus of connection, members often express a desire for activity-based opportunities. They have a wide range of interests including art, gardening, DIY, history, digital photography, folklore, etc. People often ask about the history of Molloway House, where we are based, as it is a very recognisable and distinctive building at the top of the Mall. In addition, the views from the back of Molloway House, and indeed from the meeting room where the Peer Support Groups meet, are fantastic. There is a clear view across to Benbulben and the Dartry mountains and it provides a beautiful backdrop to our sessions.
We would like to explore how we could combine some of these themes – the history of the building, the views from the back – with the members’ expressed desire to engage in creative activities such as art or digital photography.

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