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19th Sep 2022
to 31st Dec 2022

Age Range
All ages

Monumental Healing a Project with Leitrim Sweat House Volunteer Group

Visual artist Laura Gallagher, Sound artist Natalia Beylis and Ceramic Visual artist Kate Murtagh Sheridan are engaging with the Leitrim sweat house volunteer research group which  formed under the Leitrim County Council sweat house project. This project is exploring the relationship between sound, place and heritage. The artists see these sweat houses as little monuments of healing in the landscape and act as reminders of how we once restored ourselves in our communities alongside our neighbours. On discovering these structures were used for re-cooperation, there's a particular resonance with the pandemic in that as a nation we’ve been working on restoring our communal health. The stone sweat houses of Leitrim are the perfect symbol of this.

Curiosity is what brings this group together, both artists and land lovers walking the landscapes of Leitrim together, sharing tales and trying to solve mysteries: is it a kiln or is it a sweathouse? The sweat house project is one that brings communities together under a shared interest as it once did 200 years ago, shining a light on these stone structures and helping to explore some of the hidden histories they hold.

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