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1st Apr 2020
to 11th Nov 2020

Age Range
All ages


Mourning Expectations with Godknows

Mourning Expectations 'People Leave but Problems Stay' will encourage conversations by bringing different generations of Shannon together. In short the aim is to collaborate inter generationally using the vehicle of music and the medium of video. A song whose existence found its genesis in conversations and insights shared by teenagers living in Shannon about life, the turbulence they experience and what it means to be who they are. We will explore how they consider their community from a racial, generational and geographical perspective over the course of several workshops hinging on the theme of mental wellbeing and identity.

Godknows will marry the core principles of Creative Ireland with his own to empower the community by involving them in an intervention whose content is spearheaded by the people of Shannon. Community is the nest in which we build a sense of belonging. A  network of interlocking threads which bring people together through social interactions. A medium to build relationships through which they can advocate and support each other. Music is one of the most universal languages known to man. When he considered how to approach such an important endeavour, he chose to use the tools and resources he knew would serve him best. His passion for music and the community that raised him.

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