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4th Apr 2022
to 28th Nov 2022

Age Range
All ages

Mucking Around in the Mud

The Creative team, anchored by a local community garden Horticulturist, Suzanne O'Neill, Artist/Folklorist Michael Fortune, and to be named Visual Artist/Creative Builder in collaboration with the SDCC Social Inclusion Unit, co-designed a programme of engagement with older local residents facilitating storytelling, creative gardening, plant sharing, film documentation, and creative construction during the development of the newly relocated community garden in Corkagh park, Clondalkin. 

The team and participants will collaborate in garden design and upskill in planting and gardening. There are opportunities for the exchange of skills and experience between all of those associated with the programme, while strengthening community connections and networks.

An exploration of the relationship between community garden and private home offers a rich source for creative engagement and expression. The local residents will have a voice and an active participation in the development of the new public garden, their private home garden, and the project film. The exploration will link an aspect or theme of the community garden into the participants private homes giving a sense of ownership and local pride. The process will evoke memories, stories, and ignite community spirit in and around the new gardens.

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