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Mummer Workshops - Kildare Library

Mummers workshop / lecture.

Mummers or Cleamairí in Irish are an age-old Irish custom with connections to similar folk traditions in Britain and across Europe / the world. Basically in times past people used to disguise themselves in home-made costumes and get together to dance and play music to celebrate special occasions and festivals. At Christmas / St. Stephen's Day they were called "Wren Boys", on Saint Brigid's Day the "Biddy Boys" made an appearance. "May Boys" came out for May Day, "Guisers" appeared on Halloween (long before Americans invented "Trick or Treat-ing"!) and finally "Straw Boys" brought merriment to weddings throughout the year. Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc, a native of Clare now resident in Cork, has taken part in these festivities for decades and who makes  the traditional costumes used by mummers   

Mummers Workshop

Join Pádraig in Kildare Library to make the traditional costumes worn by The Mummers including a display of masks and costume. Padraig can also lead workshops teaching the traditional skills used to make the straw costumes and also Bridget's crosses etc. 

Workshops aimed at 12yrs +

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