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16th Oct 2023
to 13th Nov 2023

Age Range
All ages

Music at the murals

Aim: To host a number of music events staged in front of Sligo’s Street Art Murals, thus showcasing the amazing art as well as our local music talent.

Host 4 Musical events in front of 4 Murals in town.
Current selected murals are the Owl at ATU Sligo, Westlife at Summerhill, ‘Shligo Shtyle’ at Adelaide St Car Park and Battle of the Books at Doorly Park.
The events will be free evening events and the acts used will cross a range of ages and styles of music.
The events will be held over the last 2 weeks of October and first 2 weeks of November .
Performances are aimed to be 45-60 mins with a of a brief story behind the mural at the location

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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