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Music Generation do Glow, A Cork Christmas

Music Generation Cork City will schedule music performances during six days of Glow, A Cork Christmas.  Performances of youth and community music from the Music Generation programme along with support from professional musicians and tutors will bring a Christmas Spirit to Glow, A Cork Christmas.  Performing outside on Grand Parade, there will be many opportunities to hear the wonderful music that young people across the city have been learning through Music Generation Cork City.  With a role to facilitate, organise, and lead the musical programme for GLOW, Music Generation Cork City (MGCC) aims to engage and entertain the wider public, with a special focus on families, shoppers, and visitors to the city who were looking for a festive atmosphere to shop, dine and socialise.  They will  work closely with dozens of community groups and charities to bolster the vibrancy of GLOW and Cork City. MGCC will take an inclusive approach, spending time and resources to reach out, welcome, and include to all members of our community to this family friendly event. We will work with schools, community groups, and direct provision centres, and young people will be at the heart of the music programme.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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