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8th Oct 2023
to 31st Dec 2023

Age Range

Music Generation Programmes

The aim of The Folk Singing Club is to expose the children and young people to traditional music and song and to learn a repertoire of folk and traditional songs from both the local area and further afield.

Cathy who was born into the world of folk and traditional singing says, ‘Community engagement is vital to the relevance and survival of traditional music and song, which can connect people of all ages in a beautiful way. Exposure to traditional music has eroded over the years and it’s important that we do our best to introduce our young people to traditional music and singing. There is fantastic repertoire that our young people could enjoy and all sing together. By doing this we open up a whole new world to the next generation and ensure an audience for this style into the future.’ Cathy also points out the psychological and physical benefits most notably it’s boosting of oxygen and ‘happy hormones’ - She says ‘Singing is a natural healer, it lifts your spirits and makes you feel good. That is so important at a time like this’.

If you have an interest in Folk and Traditional Singing we would love to hear from you. Just fill in the application form. Classes are suitable for 8 - 17 year olds. The first rehearsal will be on Thursday 8th of October. 

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