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1st Jun 2022
to 31st Dec 2022

Age Range
All ages

My Place, My Community: A Memoir

My Community: A Memoir is a project where older people from the estates of Belvedere, Ashfield and Ferndale at Coolcotts, Wexford come together to tell the story of their place and the people who lived there through story, film and song over the last 40 years. Some tales will take the reader back in time to when the three estates were first built; others will offer a contemporary perspective on the area’s recent history and culture. Many of these stories will reflect how life in the locality has changed dramatically down through the years, particularly for members of the original community. Contributors will include settled people, members of the Travelling community, those from the more recently-arrived ‘new communities’ and from the diaspora.

Together they will publish a book that documents the collective memory of their community. It will feature photos from the archives, as well as some people’s personal photos. A short film will document the creative process involved. It will complement the publication by featuring additional material that may include footage of the local area, footage shot during the song writing workshops, as well as short interviews or vox-pops with the participants. An intergenerational element will be included where possible, to transfer knowledge and skills, to compare experiences then and now and in the final celebration performance.

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