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8th May 2023
to 27th Oct 2023

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My Sustainable Waterford – Writing the Future for our County

A recent EPA study showed that 95% of Waterford people are very worried about Climate Change and yet only 15% feel inspired to become active in taking Climate Action. To reach Waterford’s goals in reducing carbon emissions and to prepare for the future extreme weather impacts that Climate Change may cause, we need Waterford people to not only care about Climate Change but to feel like they can take action.

Climate Change for many people is a vague topic, “out there” in terms of geography and time. Something that impacts other people far away and that might impact future generations, but not us and our families. Little is known by the general public about how Climate Action doesn’t just benefit the planet but also our health, our communities and our local economy. We have had wonderful scientists warning us of the risks of Climate Change but they have been unable to be the storytellers of the positive future that we can build today that doesn’t hurt our planet and that relates directly to the people in our local area.

So that’s what this project intends to do. We will work with community groups in Waterford to write that story of a positive Carbon Neutral future that we can all go towards. For more up to date information on this project, go to the Waterford Libraries website.

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